A Guide on How to Inspect a Used Car in Saudi Arabia

A Guide on How to Inspect a Used Car in Saudi Arabia
A Guide on How to Inspect a Used Car in Saudi Arabia

Buying a used car in Saudi Arabia is a very common thing, and regardless of it being a conventional way to obtain a car, it still carries with it a number of hurdles, as every used car has been through traffic accidents, wear and tear, or tuning and maintenances, which puts the buyer in a tough spot whether to buy this car or not.

Car Inspection in Saudi Arabia

In hopes of avoiding scams and finding an adequate car, we have prepared the following guidelines and checklists you can use to inspect any used car thoroughly before making the purchase.

The Exterior

  • Check the condition of the hinges and rubber seals by testing if the doors open and close properly
  • Look for rust and corrosion near the door sills and the engine, as rust can indicate fluid leakage
  • Scan the paint for scratches, and you can get a special device to determine whether the paint is an original or not
  • Look for cracks in windows, front and rear windshield
  • Feel the surfaces to find traces of welding and bumps, as this shows if the car has been modified or not


  • Check for rips in the seats’ upholstery
  • Look for cracks on the surfaces (doors, dashboard, etc.)
  • Do an ECU check to make sure that the technical features work efficiently, such as: air conditioning, interior & exterior lighting, rain wipers, infotainment, etc. 


  • Time the engine on how long it takes to turn on, and if it doesn’t start normally that means there’s a certain malfunction in one of the parts
  • Press on the brake and gas pedals multiple times to check the car’s response
  • Press the gas pedal hard for a couple of seconds to check the color of the smoke coming out from the back
  • Drive around to see how responsive the steering wheel is especially on tough turns
  • Test the torque and efficiency of the gear shifter by going up and down some hills
  • Notice if the car shakes during the drive or when turning the engine on and off
  • Listen to every sound the car makes, as unusual sounds can indicate a defect
  • Test the features that support the car’s performance like Cruise Control


A very important approach you can use is to ask the seller a series of questions about the car’s condition like:

  • Are you the first owner of this car? (To help you determine the validity of the mileage)
  • What is the car's chassis number? (To help you find out about the car’s accidents history)
  • Is the car still under warranty? (To know more about the car’s maintenance history)


In Saudi Arabia, you can find a large number of maintenance centers and specialized technicians, so make sure to visit a trusted place to have the car inspected professionally.


These steps and procedures can be very stressful if you don’t trust the buyer, which is why Motory Shop has a special section for used cars in Saudi Arabia that you can check out, as each buyer on this section was selected carefully before posting his ad.

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