Stars have fallen into an addiction trap

Stars have fallen into an addiction trap
Stars have fallen into an addiction trap

Fame and big money are considered one of the favorite entries for the poison of the era, drugs, for while there were those who were on top of success, this poison came to kill their dreams slowly and rob them of their health, many famous people and artists have suffered from drug hell, and in the following we will learn about the most famous of those who fought the battle of drug addiction.

Britney Spears:

The French star began her career in acting, then moved to singing and dancing to make a great success at the time. Britney Spears has participated in many famous films, which have achieved great success in the world of cinema.
Britney Spears suffered from the problem of addiction when she entered a state of depression as a result of which she took medications and sedatives, which caused her to become addicted to these drugs, and this resulted in the occurrence of many work problems as well as legal problems as well, which forced her to undergo psychological and rehabilitation treatment more than once, But then she returned to her normal life.

Argentine star Maradona:

Who among us does not know the football legend, the Argentine star Maradona, who was born in 1960, and began playing football at the age of eleven and has shown ingenuity in his soccer skills, and Maradona won the World Cup in 1986 after he achieved a distinguished performance in This tournament.
Despite Maradona's great fame and high skills, he fell into the doping trap in 1994 in the World Cup against Greece, where he scored a goal in this match and performed very high, but the football authorities at the time were amazed at the legendary performance of the Argentine star, so they subjected him to analysis. Which was found through which he had taken steroids.
This incident was the beginning of Maradona's drug addiction, after he was stopped, he entered a state of depression, as a result of which he suffered from cocaine addiction, but he recovered from it in 2004.

Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah Winfrey is considered one of the most famous figures in the world in the field of media, as it is the most famous in America, as she is a successful broadcaster who shone from nothing to the world, and as for the story of her addiction, it came after she was raped by one of her relatives, where her condition worsened after the fetus died. Which made her enter a state of depression as a result of using the drug cocaine, but she did not last long in this matter and recovered with the help of her father.

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