Rudy Giuliani, Maria Bakalova and an anti-Semitic cake: Discuss Borat Subsequent...

Rudy Giuliani, Maria Bakalova and an anti-Semitic cake: Discuss Borat Subsequent...
Rudy Giuliani, Maria Bakalova and an anti-Semitic cake: Discuss Borat Subsequent...
W.a wa wee wa! Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is finally here and while nothing has ever reproduced the shock and awe of the original, the return of Kazakhstan’s favorite son to the big screen is not least an event.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has kept this away from theaters, but its wide availability on Amazon means anyone can tune in right away. Here’s your chance to talk about the wildest moments – contentious, gruesome, or both.

American mayor

You have surely worked through the scandalous moment of “shirt adjustment” in the bedroom, which caused a sensation even before the film was released, frame by frame.

Is this an innocent moment when an interviewee merely moves their clothes after removing a microphone? Or does the three-time divorced 76-year-old man believe that, in the parlance of the film, he will do sex time with a news anchor whose dye works would make Tomi Lahren blush?

Sure, the editing comes into play (this is a comedy, not a documentary) but the facts are that there are lots of knee strokes, some hand movements (in violation of the easiest to follow Covid social distancing guidelines) and Maria Bakalova’s Tutar Sagdiyev flows positively towards Giuliani – and he eats it up.

After being invited into the bedroom (?!) For a drink (?!) And after he has put his hand on her back (?!) And asks for her phone number (?!) … he is lying with his hands in his pants as if – as zoologists would say – it was “presenting itself” to you? Are you getting the mood that he’s been in these circumstances before and it’s worked to his advantage? He yells “oop!” When Borat runs into the room and tells him to put his penis down as if he knows it doesn’t look good?

Rudy Giuliani im Interview mit Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Rudy Giuliani im Interview mit Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. Foto: Amazon Prime

Or is this a willful misinterpretation of nothing but a somewhat strange circumstance?

Giuliani himself

This is total fiction and the image looks manipulated, but many do have a feeling that ’s personal attorney’s career has officially ended.

In Giuliani’s favor, he called the police at the time, suggesting he wasn’t afraid of an investigation – but he drew the authorities’ attention to an unusually dressed man without mentioning the scene he interrupted. Giuliani and Trump’s supporters, however, have shown a remarkable tolerance for dubious behavior, so Rudy’s viability in the infotainment market may be something that even borate cannot stop.

If this was a world where things made sense, he should be avoided just because, like in this movie, he said, “China made the virus and let it out. And they purposely spread it around the world. “This is as absurd as what the two Republican supporters in the booth say about Hillary Clinton’s drinking of blood, but these people don’t listen to the President of the United States.


Borat Subsequent MovieFilm has unfortunately no sequence that is as terrifyingly funny as the naked fight from the original. But the Kazakh fertility dance at the debutant ball is getting closer. Borat’s daughter Tutar, who lifts her dress in the middle of a strong current, shakes the room of distinguished southerners. Indeed, menstruation is the last undiscovered land for comedy in a world where tails seem to be on parade.

What is far more obnoxious than a natural biological fact to half the planet is the grotesque older man suggesting that a night with tutar would be worth $ 500. Although he whispers, his daughter listens and is ashamed. It’s a real “holy shit” moment in the Borat tradition, but annoying when you consider she’s probably hearing much worse at home.

Introduction of Maria Bakalova

And when we talk about young women making their debut … who the hell is Maria Bakalova ?! In keeping with Sacha Baron Cohen for fearlessness and weird timing, she is without question the find of the year. And the only thing the new movie has that the original doesn’t have is a really touching (if admittedly silly) emotional arc. Tell me you didn’t shiver a little when father and daughter showed up in matching suits at the end!

The 24-year-old Bulgarian actress has only been involved in a few projects, including an episode of the Italian crime series Gomorrah and the Bulgarian film Transgression, in which she plays a young woman in a relationship with an older rock star.

If you’re looking to talk about an overall dedicated performance in a movie this year, there isn’t a lot of competition. Frances McDormand already has two Academy Awards. Spread the wealth a little and let the award go to Bakalova for 2020, which is already a crazy year with an asterisk.

“Very nice weather that we checked”

Borat Subsequent film courtesy of Amazon Studios

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Sacha Baron Cohen came out “as himself” last year to refute ’s lethargic response to Holocaust denial on its service. This becomes a point of action where Borat’s worldview is destroyed when he “learns” that the Holocaust never happened. (For Borat, of course, the systematic genocide of Jews is one of his greatest sources of pride.)

Anyway, Borat is depressed and wants to kill himself, so he goes to the nearest synagogue to wait for the next mass shootings. He comes disguised as a “Jew” (with claws, bat wings, an absurd fake nose, a caricatured sack of money in one hand and puppet strings that control “the media” in the other) and finally meets two friendly old Jewish ladies who take it him at face value and try to get him to see beyond hate. For story purposes, Borat is pleased to hear that eighty-year-old Judith Dim Evans experienced the concentration camps firsthand.

If you watch the credits to the end you will see that the film is dedicated to Dim Evans, who died after filming. One quote says, “I feel obliged to be a good person and to bring good to the world. We owe it to the dead, ”and there is a link to their website. In a strange twist, however, some of her family members are bringing a lawsuit against the production.

It is difficult to fathom why the property feels the late Dim Evans has suffered any actionable mental agony. Baron Cohen’s costume in this scene is ridiculous and it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking this is anything other than a gag. That the comedian, who put so much energy into fighting anti-Semitism, then “dropped the mask” to make sure the Holocaust survivor was implicated in the joke seems to be an outstanding mitigating factor. Do you agree or joke a little too far with someone who lost family members in Nazi death camps, even for Borat?

‘That can’t be real

We’ve said this while watching Sacha Baron Cohen’s antics for years, but it becomes harder to know when moments have gotten into the field of scripts. (One would almost appreciate it if faces are blurred, like someone who holds the Sieg Heil greeting on the far right at the rally).

The actor claims he was locked up with the QAnon maniacs for five days, but it feels a little wrong for them to evolve from people laughed at for their idiotic views to characters the (admittedly thin ) Actually advance narrative. If Borat sends you to persuade Tutar to let her father back into her life, does something smell like you?

“I hope this is not real”

Borat Subsequent film courtesy of Amazon Studios Press

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

That said, it would make life a little easier if some of the voices of our doomed society could be dismissed as wrong. The propane seller, who boasts that his tanks can wipe out a van filled with gypsies, is perhaps worse than anything Baron Cohen captured before. The woman who decorates a cake with “Jews will not replace us” is not great either. The plastic surgeon who suggests he’d like to “make some sexy time” with Tutar but sadly not in front of her father (who wants to pay for a titty job in cash) will hopefully see a decline in patients after this week.

And while few would expect anything less from the Conservative Political Action Conference, it is telling that they were more excited to see someone in a fake Trump outfit than in Ku Klux Klan robes.

Up to that last point, a great take on marketing the film here. We were led to believe that Mike Pence’s break would be the culmination of the mayhem. While it is fun to see the Trump Fat Suit in action, this is one of the tamer moments in the movie.

Great success!!

Sacha Baron Cohen withdrew from Borat at the end of 2007, also because he was too popular. Nobody could let someone play such a prank on them. (In fact, this is an important point in Subsequent Movie Film, so Borat has to wear disguise.) However, he does not mention that society has been blessed / plagued by people playing Borat Voice for 14 years.

I will confess I am guilty too. There are just too many keywords and it’s just too much fun. I’m yelling at my cat with Borat Voice. “You eat the nibble? Very nice!!!”

Subsequent Moviefilm carefully gets a lot of this out of the way early on. The very first lines are a cascade of slogans, like a band going through their hit singles early and without obligation.

“Jagshemash!” The film begins. “My name is Borat. My wife is nice – NOT! ”

The following movie begins with Borat playing Borat Voice. Brilliant.

Fax matter

Borat is important, most critics will tell you, because it reflects that American values ​​are not as different from the absurd projections as the “crap countries” must be. But Borat is a phenomenon because Sacha Baron Cohen and his band of writers are very funny.

One of the biggest laughs for me in Subsequent MovieFilm is a throwaway item. Borat faxes back and forth with his prime minister. The gag is that the man at the copy center doesn’t seem moved that that crazy mustache is planning to give his 15-year-old daughter Mike Pence, but Borat’s healing message is “S’up”. The fact that the answer is the same but with an additional question mark is an example of the light, absurd poetry that makes Baron Cohen a genius.

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