5 Essential Furniture Ideas for an Elegant Gathering Ramadan Iftar

5 Essential Furniture Ideas for an Elegant Gathering Ramadan Iftar
5 Essential Furniture Ideas for an Elegant Gathering Ramadan Iftar

Ramadan 2024 is around the corner, and you might be looking for the furniture essentials for the grand Iftar party at your home. Bring the festive vibe to your Iftar gatherings with these visually appealing furniture items.

Grace Your Iftar Gatherings with These Sleek Furniture Essentials

Furniture stores in UAE start to present elegant-looking furniture essentials for your Iftar party to stand out this Ramadan. So, let’s discover together the five most elegant-looking furniture ideas for Ramadan this year.


Sofas are essential furniture during Ramadan as they provide a comfortable and inviting space for family and friends to gather. For pre-dawn Suhoor meals, post-Iftar relaxation, or evening prayers, sofas create a cozy hub for meaningful connections and shared moments. Opt for plush and spacious designs to accommodate guests and ensure everyone feels at ease during the festive season.

Dining Table Set

A well-chosen dining table set is crucial for living shared moments during Iftar. It provides a dedicated space for family and friends to unite, share meals, and strengthen bonds. Look for designs that accommodate the size of your gatherings and consider options with extendable features for flexibility. A comfortable dining space enhances the joy of breaking the fast together and creates a memorable Ramadan experience.

Entertainment Units

An entertainment unit is essential for Ramadan. It can be used for activities like family movie nights or Quran recitations. Choose a design with ample storage to neatly organise Ramadan essentials like prayer mats, decor, and gadgets.

Majlis Sets

Due to its cultural significance, the Majlis, a traditional low-seating arrangement, is popular for Iftar gatherings during Ramadan. It promotes a relaxed and communal atmosphere and encourages comfort, unity, and togetherness among guests. It serves as a versatile space that accommodates both indoor and outdoor settings. Patterned dinnerware and a beautiful prayer rug and mat can also enhance the overall experience of breaking fast and add to the aesthetic appeal of your dining setup.


Sideboards are essential during Ramadan for practical storage and display. They store dinnerware, table linens and decorative items, adding elegance to the setting. Look for designs that complement your decor and offer functional storage to keep the space organised.

The Bottom Line

Contribute to your gatherings' overall warmth and hospitality by incorporating these polished furniture essentials into your Iftar preparations. Let the elegance of your decor complement the joyous spirit of Ramadan, making each Iftar a memorable and cherished experience for your guests.