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Castle Nathria is the expansion’s first raid Shadowlands sure World of Warcraft. Located in the Revendreth area and comprising no less than 10 bosses, each of them will give a hard time to players who try to kill him in Normal, Heroic or Mythic mode.

Find here the strategy to defeat the last boss of the raid, Sire Denathrius, sur World of Warcraft.

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Sir Denathrius, strategy for the boss of Castle Nathria in Shadowlands

Going up to the top of the Castle you will find Sire Denathrius. The confrontation takes place in three phases. One in the room you have just entered, the other two below.

Sire Denathrius Phase 1 (100% -70%)

Denathrius has energy. When reaching 100 energy, he throws Order: Ravage. In the center of the room, a blade will launch a cone making a third of the room, aiming at the location of Denathrius. Dodge the damage zone and never return there because puddles will remain in the affected area. After a Order: Ravage, Denathrius deals 10% more damage. After 3 Orders: Ravage the room is full and you are going to die. Go to phase 2 (70% health points) before.

Two players will be targeted by Feast. They must move away from the rest of the raid so as not to inflict damage on other players. On Heroic, players are targeted by Night Hunter no Feast. A shadow will appear and then darken at the targeted player, inflicting damage to the area on impact. The damage is lethal unless other players get in the shadow’s path, between the target and it.

At the start of the fight, all players receive 5 charges of Burden of sin. This debuff inflicts a little damage over time but mostly interacts with other skills.

  • Fate Blood price sends all players up in the air and deals damage to them proportional to the number of players with the same number of stacks of Burden of sin.
  • Fate Purifying sufferings is a cone used in the direction of the active tank which removes a charge of Burden of sin to everyone hit and summons adds that you must kill quickly.

Finally, at the end of the first phase, Denathrius uses March of penitent before going to phase 2. The more load you have Burden of sin the more difficult it will be to deal with this spell.

You must therefore have several people with different levels of Burden of sin and have 2 loads maximum before Penitent’s Walk. For that, in Heroic and below (not in Mythic) make two groups of equal sizes. Group 1 will go into the Purifying sufferings odd (1,3,5) and group 2 will go into the Purifying sufferings pairs (2,4,6). You will have two groups with different charge levels which will all have a maximum of 2 charges before the transition. Remember to kill any adds appearing after Purifying sufferings.

Once you get the boss down to 70% health, the transition begins. When Penitent’s Walk, the boss teleports to the center of the room and pushes all the players to the sides. You must return to the center before the end of the pipe or you will die. The more you have Burdens of sin the slower you are, make sure you have at most 2. Some classes (Shaman, Death Knight) can advance without taking into account the slowing down thanks to their skills.

Sire Denathrius Phase 2 (70% -40%)

Once the transition is complete, you will find yourself in a new room containing a large central piece with two mirrors to the left and to the right. Crossing one mirror makes you appear in the other mirror, across the room.

Denathrius’ sword activates and is alive. It is an additional add and any damage applied to it is redirected to Denathrius. She must be tanked close to Denathrius to allow DPS to passively cleave it. She applies bleeding whenever she deals damage. Tanks must pass aggro every 4-6 charges. His other skills also inflict this bleeding, causing them to healers therefore must be careful.

Denathrius always has energy. At 100 energy, he throws Massacre summoning plenty of swords crossing the room. Dodge the red lines. If you are affected, you are in real danger.

Several players will be targeted by Impale. Red lines will connect them between them then the sword will move by its red lines to strike them. Targeted players should move away from the raid and no one should be on the red lines. Healers should pay particular attention to targets ofImpale. On Heroic, getting hit by a sword skill causes areas of damage to appear under your feet.

Every 40 seconds, Denathrius will cast Hand of destruction, summoning a shadow that explodes after a few seconds. You have to tanker the boss against one of the mirrors because of this spell because the further you are away, the less damage you will take. Use a mirror to teleport to the other end of the room is a good method of taking as little damage as possible. Denathrius and his sword teleport to you if you use the mirror, to the active tank.

Adds, Crimson Cabalists will be present in the room at the start of the confrontation and will appear in waves of 4, next to one of the two mirrors. They loop a spell that does little damage to the raid and does not need to be tanked. You must kill them to limit the damage that the raid takes but also because at the end of phase 2 each Cabalist Crimson alive definitely reduces the healing you receive. Of them Cabalists appear on the central platform and two others on secondary platforms around the room, separated by a void. Ranged classes deal with distant adds and closest melee classes. If the adds appear on the other side of the room, use the mirrors to teleport and kill them quickly. When Denathrius is near 40% health, make sure all Cabalists are dead. On Heroic, dead adds send off anima projectiles that must be avoided.

Finally, Denathrius uses Unbearable pain a cone that deals damage to players and adds. The tanks should place the boss so as not to hit the raid while trying to hit the Cabalists. At each channel, the tanks pass the aggro because the one who suffered Unbearable pain takes 50% more damage.

Sire Denathrius Phase 3 (40% -0%)

Once at 40% health, Denathrius surrounds a good part of the room with anima. Walking in it inflicts significant damage, be careful that Denathrius is tanked in the center of the room before going to phase 3. When phase 3 begins, put the boss on an edge of the room.

His sword stops being an add-on and he now uses it to hit the tanks applying a debuff, Disdain. Tanks get aggro every 4-6 charges.

Every now and then he will launch a series of three attacks on the tank, Destructive suffering. At the end of the series of attacks, the entire raid is repelled. Always keep your back to the room, never back to the void with your back to the anima ring surrounding the room so as not to be propelled to your death.

He will have another new technique, Fatal finesse. Several players are targeted by this technique and after a few seconds inflict damage to everyone around them. They just have to get out of the raid. They also receive a slight curse. In Heroic, the curse makes appear upon its expiration an anima ball. Doing nothing does not prevent its explosion which deals a lot of damage to the raid. Players must place themselves in the ball to make it shrink until it disappears, 2/3 players per bowl should be enough to reduce them quickly.

He always uses his spell Hand of destruction but you will no longer be able to use mirrors to reduce the damage inflicted by this technique. Get as far away as possible.

Finally, at 100 energy, he uses Sinister Reflection. A shadow then appears in the center of the room and uses either Massacre is Ravage the spells of phase 2 and phase 1. You must manage these skills in the same way as in the old phases, dodge the swords (their trajectory is marked by a red line) and do not stay in the target room tier through Ravage. As in the first phase, Ravage leaves puddles of anima in its impact zone, so finish the boss as quickly as possible so you don’t get stuck in a room full of puddles.

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