Who is Eris Loris and how should I react?

Who is Eris Loris and how should I react?
Who is Eris Loris and how should I react?
Who among us is hacker Eris Loris? What do we know and what not about this entity? And how should the players among us behave in this crisis?
There is no doubt that Eris Loris is among us Hack rocked the game’s player base to the core. Fans are outraged on all social media platforms Innersloth had to rush out an emergency solution. However, the problem is far from being solved.

Fans are concerned and angry that the hack is spreading. Certain large websites believe this too There is a political angle to all of that. Now, of course, developers cannot solve this problem in a flash, and it will take time for the crisis to resolve on its own. So in this article we try to differentiate who or what is Eris Loris. And based on that, here is a list of do’s and don’ts As a player, you should train now.

Who or what is Eris Loris, the hacker among us?

First, contrary to what many fans owe, Let’s not treat this problem personally. A big number. Many fans try to find out the personal details and whereabouts of “Eris Loris”. We strongly advise against it. Not only is this a criminal, it is not a solution to the problem. It could easily get you into trouble too.

To answer who or what Eris Loris is, we are I am not sure if it is a real person at all. Indeed, given his online activities, he seems to be rather a functional creation and less of a person. Many players on Reddit also call him a „Bot“. They also refer to the lot that spreads its message in lobbies, as “Army of Bots”.

However, one argument against Eris as a wrong person lies in the fact that sein YouTube-Account is 3 Year old. His obscure YouTube channel is, of course, the source of most of our information. One wonders why a man would create the wrong account almost 3 years before reaching a real game?

Regardless of whether Eris is real or fake, the people behind Eris are undoubtedly people of questionable tastes. Many of his YouTube titles are aggressive and one of them also has the terrible N word. So the signs of a certain “hate propagator” are there.

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Between Us Spam Attack: The ideal crisis response to the hack.

First and foremost on the list of do’s and don’ts, do not subscribe to the infamous YouTube channel or comment on his videos. It’s not worth just looking for a solution makes the account better known and more relevant. That is very dangerous. Giving anarchists a voice on social media can have Serious consequences.

Secondly, stay away from public lobbies and Prohibition Eris Loris or anyone who sends their brand message immediately. Also, Stay away from the North American server when playing in public lobbies. The North American server is the one that Eris Loris originally targeted and compromised. The servers in Europe and Asia are therefore relatively secure. You may still have to deal with the usual little hacks, but these are insignificant in comparison.

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A fight against the Among Us hack: Please to the fans.

Finally, and this is only out of empathy for among us, have patience with Innersloth. Is among us an indie game which the developers never designed as a grand hit. The Development team at Innersloth is a hard working group of 3 and they will try their best to solve the problem.

Give them some time to fix things and don’t give up on the game. Stay away from public lobbies and you will do just fine. Private lobbies can be great fun with the right people, as our favorite streamers prove on a daily basis. So gather friends in your area and make one of these!

Check out our list too The 5 best players among us with streamers to watch! for some nice content to lift your spirits with. There is no doubt that Among Us was a very positive gift for the gaming community this year. The unifying force was great. And it is extremely important that we help keep this wonderful creation alive!

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