How dare the United States address China on the rights of...

How dare the United States address China on the rights of...
How dare the United States address China on the rights of...
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Andrei Felchik (1963-2020), internationalist militant, investigative journalist, historian, filmmaker, and novelist, was always a loud voice against Western imperialism, documenting with his pen and lens its crimes around the world from Peru to Indonesia and in between, and published several reference books indispensable for an understanding of the modus operandi of American imperialism Among them are “Exposing the Lies of Empire” – 2015, “The Struggle against Western Imperialism” – 2014, “Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear” – 2012, “Oceania: New Imperialism, Nuclear Bombs and Bones” – 2013, in addition to “Exile” – 2006, which include Interviews with political exiles from their country and “On Western Terrorism from Hiroshima to the Drone Wars” – 2013, an in-depth discussion of Western tyranny and propaganda with Noam Chomsky. He also produced several documentaries on the massacres of Indonesia from 1965 to 1966, “Chile between two earthquakes,” and the two-decade-long tragedy of Somali refugees in their largest camp in northern Kenya, as well as a film about the massacres of Rwanda that contradicts the official version of the course of events there. He died last month, in suspicious and mysterious circumstances, while in Turkey he was gathering material for a book he was preparing on the issue of “Uyghurs” in China. The authorities there have not yet announced any official results of their criminal investigation. This article was published in English on, and published by «News» Arabic with special permission from the aforementioned site.

For some time now, I have been warning the world that the West – and the United States in particular – is helping to radicalize the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang and beyond China. It has clearly drawn a map of the movement of Uyghur extremists, through some countries, such as Indonesia, towards Turkey, where they are then shipped to war zones in northern Syria. I went to the Idlib region, met with local leaders there, and spoke at length with displaced Syrians who have been victims of the genocidal attacks carried out by the Uyghurs against them.
The majority of Uighurs are Muslims, their homeland is Xinjiang, northwest China, and they have their own distinct and ancient culture, and most of them – of course – are very nice and respectful people. The “Uyghur issue”, simply put, is that Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, is located on the main branch of the New Silk Road and Belt Initiative – a gigantic infrastructure project for highly optimistic international economic and cultural communication that will connect billions of people from all continents in a way that will produce hundreds of Millions of people live out of poverty and backwardness.
Washington is very concerned that China will take the lead in building a brighter future for humanity, because the success of the Silk Road project may be the beginning of the end of Western imperialism and neo-colonialism, which will lead to improving the conditions for real freedom and independence for many countries that are under the might of the American empire.
Therefore, it was imperative for the empire to move to preserve the status quo, and to extend its hegemony over the world by adopting policies of hostility, threat, and provocation to China, and to distort its reputation by all means, and to raise political and security difficulties for it in several places simultaneously: Hong Kong, Taiwan, the South China Sea And, of course, the “Uyghur issue” as well, as the United States is working diligently to convert part of the constitutionally recognized Chinese national minority – the Uyghurs – into a “bunch of wretched”, or more precisely, into extremist Islamic terrorists.
Turkey, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has offered the United States a major hand in this direction. Uighurs are transported with their families to Istanbul with Turkish passports through several recruitment and recruitment centers in Southeast Asia. Upon their arrival in Istanbul, those passports are withdrawn from them, and many of those of fighting age are recruited and subjected to military and ideological training, and then transferred south to war-torn Syria, while smaller groups remain in places such as Indonesia and elsewhere to join the jihadist organizations there. And when the terrorist groups in Syria were almost completely defeated, some of these Uyghurs were transferred to Afghanistan, according to my own investigations there where I am preparing a book on the Uyghur issue. Needless to say, Afghanistan has a short, but important border with China.
But why all this complicated process? The answer is simple: NATO / Washington / the West hopes that the advanced military-trained Uyghur jihadist fighters will eventually return to their home in Xinjiang. There, they will begin to fight for “independence”, and as they do so, they will tacitly sabotage the Silk Road project. In this way, China is killed, and its most powerful economic-cultural initiatives are disrupted.

The real purpose of tampering with the Uyghur issue is the fierce pursuit of the United States for hegemony

Of course, the Chinese government is very concerned, as it is clear that the West has prepared a perfect trap for it: if China does nothing, it will end up facing a very serious military terrorist threat within its borders – remember that the Soviet Union was dragged into Afghanistan, and suffered heavy losses at the hands of The “Mujahideen” were trained, financed, armed and supported by the West, which has a long and broad history in employing Islam for its Machiavellian designs. On the other hand, if China does something precaution to protect itself, it will be attacked by Western countries and its colossal propaganda ecosystem. And this is exactly what is happening now. Everything is ready, prepared with care.
On September 12, 2019, the US Senate passed the Uyghur Rights Policy Act, which calls for sanctions against Chinese officials over Xinjiang camps, in addition to introducing a bill urging President ’s administration to ban the export of goods and services to Chinese state agents in the Uyghur regions, as it described Beijing has “prolonged interference in China’s internal affairs.” Perhaps the least that is said about this so-called bill of rights, it is a shameful practice of hypocrisy and intimidation.
Let us not forget that the United States treats Muslims with absolute hatred. Indeed, it prevents them from entering the country if they happen to be from certain countries, and it is bombing them arbitrarily in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other places, and carrying out targeted killings against them, without worrying about civilian casualties, and it tortures and humiliates Muslim detainees even in their own countries.
In fact, Washington, by trying to blow up the rebellion of the Uyghur minority in China, is inflicting great harm on the Uighurs themselves before others, and for all residents of northwest China. Not only is this a political sin, but the United States is committing a total crime against humanity.
China is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country, and Islamic culture is part of the identity of the People’s Republic of China. I always suggest to those who argue with me about that, to go to Xi’an (The City of Eternal Peace), one of the three ancient capitals of China. Xi’an was the region from which the ancient Great Silk Road originated, and it is so far proud of its tremendous Islamic monuments, as well as wonderful Islamic foods and music, and every year, tens of millions of Chinese visitors visit it to understand its genius legacy and enjoy its culture. The city is loved and prized by all Chinese, mainly because of its vibrant Islamic identity.
So it is complete nonsense to describe China as “anti-Muslim.” Ironically, China (and Russia) is immeasurably more tolerant of Islam than the West, both historically and today.
Even worse than that nonsense is the claim that China is building “concentration camps” in Xinjiang. China’s position is clear in this regard: What the West describes as camps are “vocational preparation centers” where “trainees” can learn the Chinese language and acquire work skills to engage in the Chinese economy and prevent them from falling victim to calls for “terrorism and religious extremism”. Finally, a colleague of mine met with a group of Indonesian Muslim leaders who gained access to so-called “camps” in Xinjiang, and told him that people who spend time in these institutions can actually sleep at home at night. Hardly any Guantanamo Bay, to be honest.
And the “judge” who has installed himself to judge China – meaning the United States – has hundreds of high-security prisons spread across the country. It is well known that throwing people in prison has been a full-fledged and profitable industry for the private sector there, for many decades. Millions of Americans – and others – are being held on petty charges. How could a country with the largest number of prisoners in the world compared to its population dare to preach to others about justice? What a great mystery.
The real purpose of tampering with the Uyghur issue is the fierce pursuit of the United States to monopolize hegemony, to avoid sharing influence in the world with other more humane countries such as China, and its unwillingness to face peaceful competition on the basis of great ideas and goodwill towards humans. The more the US foreign policy becomes more nihilistic, the more it accuses others of “committing murder” by initiating a bloody conflict in the target country, and as soon as the government of that country begins to resolve the conflict and “extinguish the fire” of the United States to restore security, the accusations of violating human rights are prepared, and soon they follow. Penalties.
Washington’s policies are leading millions of human lives to torment and pain, and all of this must stop somehow, and soon.

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