In the names … Egypt is withholding the funds of 285...

In the names … Egypt is withholding the funds of 285...
In the names … Egypt is withholding the funds of 285...
Today, Tuesday, an Egyptian court decided to seize the funds of 285 people it said were affiliated with the “Muslim Brotherhood” group.

The Egyptian government formed a committee to count and manage the Muslim Brotherhood’s funds, in light of the group’s designation as a “terrorist organization” in December 2013, after the overthrow of the late President Mohamed Morsi in a military coup.

The private “Al-Shorouk” newspaper quoted legal sources as saying that the Court of Urgent Matters in Cairo had decided to seize the funds of 285 Brotherhood members and 3 entities affiliated with it. In response to a request from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Funds Survey and Administration Committee.

She explained that the decision includes the ban on disposing of money, property, stocks and bonds on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and all bank accounts, deposits and safes registered in their names.

The list includes 285 people, including opposition media professionals abroad, such as Moataz Matar, Abdullah Al-Sharif, Hisham Abdel Hamid and Muhammad Nasser, according to the same source.

The list also included 3 companies: “My Way Egypt Company for Cosmetics”, “Optim Company for Transportation and Management of Sports Centers”, and “Novo Care Trading and Agencies Company”.

Last March, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi approved amendments to the Terrorist Entities Law, which include expanding the confiscation and freezing of assets, funds and property of those on the terrorist and terrorist lists.

During the past years, the late President Mohamed Morsi, the General Guide of the Brotherhood Mohamed Badie, and leaders of the Brotherhood were previously included on terrorist lists, and several decisions were issued to confiscate the funds of members and leaders of the group, without aggregate data on the size of the assets and the funds withheld.

More than once, the Brotherhood denied, through its leaders, accusations of its connection with violence and terrorism, and stressed that the money inventory committee set up by the authorities is not competent and does not recognize it, and it has not proven that anyone from the group has corrupted or plundered anyone’s money.

The following are the names on the list as quoted by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Shorouk:

1- Ramadan Hassan Abdul-Rashid Muhammad

2- Hosni Attia Khalaf Abu El-Maati Al-Qas

3- Ramadan Shahat Ramadan Gado

4- Wajdi Eid Mansour Abdeen

5- Khairy Saad Al-Sayed Ibrahim

6- Mahmoud Ali Abdel Wahid Abdo

7- Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim Taha

8- Srour Mohieddin Ali Syed Ahmed Al-Khatib

9- Ghazi Mr. Ghazi Fouda

10- Taher Samih Taher Askar

11- Hassan Abdul Aziz Hassan Mansour

12- Ali Al-Sayed Mohamed Ibrahim Abed

13- Essam Al-Sayed Ali Abu Haris

14- Tariq Faraj Abdul-Ghani Mahmoud

15- Reda Ramadan, Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sammak

16- Mohamed Hamed Shehata Youssef Al Mallah

17- Mukhtar Mahdi Ali Al-Jazeeri

18- Ahmed Muhammad Abdel Moez Saafan

19- Sherif Mukhtar Muhammad Shaheen

20- Reda Muhammad Moslehi Khalil

21- Muhammad Ali Ahmad Ali Wahb

22- Ayman Fikri Abdel-Azim Hassan Hwana

23- Nasser Abd Rabbo Al-Sayed Ibrahim

24- Mustafa Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Nada

25- Adel Muhammad Mustafa Mustafa Jalhoum

26- Faris Samir Ahmad Awad

27- Reda Abdel Fattah Ibrahim Al-Faramawy

28- Atef Abu Al-Azm Abdel Rahman Nasr

29- Sherif El-Sayed Abdel-Aal Ibrahim

30- Sherif Ibrahim Shehata Zalat

31- Ahmed Al-Sayed Abdel Aziz Obaid

32- Abdel Moneim Abdel Fattah Abdel Moneim Shaban

33- Saber Ibrahim Fahim Iraq

34- Muhammad Muhammad Ahmad Abu Ali

35- Mohammed Saad Omar Al-Sardi

36- Al-Husseini Muhammad Abbas Ahmad

37- Rabih Ismail Syed Ali

38- Amjad Fathallah Abd Al-Halim Ahmad

39- Manal Muhammad Fathy Mahdi

40- Asma Hashem Abdelghani Amer

41- Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad Al-Asnai

42- Jamal Muhammad Ali Ibrahim

43- Mahmoud Muhammad Abdel Hakim Imam

44- Rifai Fawzi Rifai Muhammad

45- Abdel-Hamid Ibrahim Abdel-Hamid Morsi

46- Wajih Ahmad Rashid Tawakkol

47- Muhammad Mustafa Muhammad al-Akradi

48- Taha Muhammad Al-Saeed Abdul-Azim Judah

49- Hana Ibrahim Al-Desouki Al-Sadiq is the best of God

50- Walid Al-Sayed Muhammad Abdel-Jalil

51- Ismail Al-Azab Ismail Daif

52- Radhi Mansour Ibrahim Khalil

53- Jalal Abdel Razek Mahmoud Barakat

54- Ahmad Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad

55- Hamdi Abdel-Latif Salama Al-Najjar

56- Emad Abdel Sami Mahmoud Shihab El-Din

57- Mahmoud Saeed Attia Musa Dahim

58- Abdullah Abbas Amin Muhammad

59- Khaled Muhammad Taj Al-Din Hassan Shalabi

60- Al-Hassan Muhammad Taj Al-Din Hassan Shalabi

61- Abdul Rahman Al-Sayed Mahmoud Ezzat Ibrahim

62- Muhammad Al-Sayed Al-Sayyid Al-Jayoushi

63- Mohammed Raafat Abdel Fattah Esawi Hewit

64- Fadia Amin Ibrahim Ali

65- Shermin Muhammad Abdullah Taha Mahmoud Shehata

66- Muhammad Nasser Ali Abdul Azim Hassan

67- Moataz Muhammad Aliwa Muhammad Ibrahim from Matar

68- Abdullah Muhammad Ahmad Al-Sharif

69- Hisham Abdullah Abdul Dayem Muhammad

70- Mohamed Salah El-Din Saad Mahmoud Ali

71- Hisham Abdel-Hamid Muhammad Abdel-Hamid

72- Usama Mustafa Muhammad Rashad Gawish

73- Sami Kamal Al-Din Riyadh Sinjab

74- Ahmed Samir Ahmad Magdy

75- Muhammad Othman Maher Muhammad Aql

76- Muhammad Abdul Qadir Ahmad Shoman

77- Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Khalil

78- Bassem Mohamed Raafat Abdel Fattah Hawit

79- Samir Tahseen Abdel Halim Afifi

80- Adil Ibrahim Wafa Hassan

81- Rifaat Ahmad Ahmad Mansour

82- Ahmad Rifat Ahmad Ahmad Mansour

83- Mohammed Awad Abdel-Aal Abdel Hamid

84- Sameh Badri Muhammad Saeed

85- Hashem Syed Muhammad Ibrahim

3- Mohammad Mahmoud Shimi Salim

87- Ahmed Abdel-Wahab Muhammad Abdul-Bari

88- Mustafa Al-Amir Hamdan Mahjoub

89- Rabie Sayed Muhammad Othman

90- Mohammed Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Yaqoub

91 – Mustafa Othman Al-Sayed Hamad

92- Jibril Muhammad Gad knew him

93- Mohamed Abdel Razek Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim

94- Muhammad Saadi Rabih Ahmad

95- Ibrahim Abu Al-Saud Muhammad Mahmoud

96- Ahmed Abdel Wahab Moussa Ali

97- Ahmed Jaber Ahmad Gad

98- Ahmad Jamal Ragab Khattab

99- Abd al-Halim Awad Allah Ali Hilal

100- Foad Mahmoud Mohamed Zaghloul

101- Omar Fouad Mahmoud Zaghloul

102- Mohamed El-Sayed Abdel-Fattah Mohamed Emam

103- Nomani Abd al-Hamid Naamani Muhammad al-Gohary

104- Abdo Abdo Abdel-Hay Shalaby

105- Hamdi Kamel Hussein Hassan

106- Sherif Abdel Moneim El-Kenawy Ahmed

107 – Tariq Ali Saif Ali

108- Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Amer

109- Hussam Al-Din Ahmad Muhammad Salman

110- Abu Al-Yazid Saeed Muhammad Al-Razzaq

111- Omar Mustafa Kamel Suleiman

112- Nabila Hamad Muhammad Hamad Shammam

113- Raafat Ali Abdel Aziz Ali Al-Bahrawi

114- Alaa Mahmoud Mahmoud Abdel-Gawad Wahba

115- Ahmed Muhammed Abd Al-Hafeez Hadeeb

116- Omar Mustafa Kamel Suleiman

117- Ashour Hussain Rajab Abdul Majeed

118- Syed Muhammad Hamada Owais

119- Ahmed Sayed Abdel Aziz Saeed

120- Abu Zaid Muhammad Muhammad Al-Tanoubi

121- Farhat Fouad Farhat El-Deeb

122- Khaled Abdullah Ahmed Zayed

123- Abdel Fattah Farag Musa Suleiman Dashish

124- Abdul-Ghani Ismail Abd Al-Ghani Al-Qurashi

125- Muhammad Ali Al-Ruby Dehum

126- Adly Saad Ibrahim Al-Quraishi

127- Khaled Muhammad Muhammad Bastwissi Abu Harag

128- Mahmoud Ibrahim Ramadan Amer

129- Abdullah Fattouh Khalil Knota Building

130- Muhammad Ahmad Abu Saif Ahmad Al-Sharqawi

131- Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Abdel Moneim Noureddine

132- Sameh Ibrahim Ibrahim Al-Abbasi

133- Amani Rizk Ibrahim Hussein Abu Zeid

134- Ashraf Bahi El Din Mahmoud Ayyad

135- Mahmoud Al-Sayed Ibrahim Sharaf

136- Mohammed Adel Abdul Ghaffar Kishk

137- Izzat Sabry Youssef Hassan Juda

138- Osama Abdel Aziz Ahmed Radwan

139- Ahmed Saeed Al-Shahat Khalil Qassem

140- Asma Mahmoud Abdelghani Shuaib

141- Mohamed Fathy Abdel Sabour Ibrahim

142- Mohamed Hisham Al-Sayed Mohamed Nasr

143- Yasmine Mohammed Abdul Latif Al-Shouni

144- Enas Salah Zein El Din Morsi

145- Mahmoud Ali Muhammad Nasr

146- Adel Behansi Muhammad Behansi

147- Muhammad Ibrahim Ahmed Hussein

148- Nihal Ibrahim Muhammad Hassan Toaima

149- Abdul Hakim Amer Ahmad Khalil

150- Congratulations to Muhammad Abdel-Maqsoud Awadin

151- Ayman Shams Al-Din Muhammad Al-Fiqi

152- Amani Subhi Muhammad Ali Salama

153. Abd al-Moneim Muhammad Abd al-Qawi al-Shanwani

154- Hisham Rashid Abdel Mawla Ibrahim

155- Manal Abdel Salam Abdel-Ghani Abdel-Karim

156- Hosni Ragheb Ahmed Mustafa Jibril

157- Hanifa Abu Al-Yazid Bayoumi Building

158- Ahmed Mohammed Fahmy Ibrahim Al-Zaidi

159- Iman Mahmoud Muhammad Ahmad Al-Badawi

160 – Saladin Muhammad Ali Muhammad

161 – Samiha Mahmoud Gharib Ali

162- Majdi Bahi Muhammad Ibrahim

163. Muna Cub Al Bandari Ali

164- Essam Ali Ibrahim Ali Khalil

165-Safa Muhammad Ali Al-Sayyid Nasif

166. Shaaban Mahmoud Ahmed Abdel Ghaffar

167- Asma Hussein Ali Atta

168- Azzouz Abdel Halim Morsi Sultan

169- Victory of Abdel Wahab Abbas Shaarawi

170- Mohammad Rabee Muhammad Hammad

171- Amal Mahmoud Ibrahim Matar

172- Ayman Muhammad Qandil Rabie Qandil

173- Enas Abdel Halim Ahmed Abdel Halim

174- Majdy Jumaa Abd Al-Ghani Muhammad Mahmoud

175- Nahed Hamed Badawi Muhammad Hussein

176- Tamer Ahmed Mansour Al-Barshoumi

177- Amira Mahmoud Hassan Ahmed

178- Siraj Ibrahim Abdel Dayem Al-Jazzar

179- Mervat Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad

180- Abd al-Khaliq Metwally Abd al-Sami Metwally

181 – Mr. Abdul Qader Abdel Aal’s guidance

182- Ashraf Saleh Desouki Afifi

183- Soumia Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Suleiman

184- Hussam Muhammad Rifat Ibrahim Muhammad

185- Naglaa Morsi Mahmoud Qassem

186- Muhammad Abdul-Raouf Muhammad Shehata

187- Hoda Muhammad Mustafa Al-Sarraf

188- Aladdin Al-Sayed Ibrahim Hussein

189- Mervat Muhammad Muhammad Junaidi

190- Imad Ali Musa al-Makawi

191- Abdul-Jalil Ali Al-Morsi Badawi

192- The Arab Ahmad Muhammad Ghurab

193- Muhammad Muhammad Al-Sayed Musa

194- Abdel Hamid Al-Sayed Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Hegazy

195- Ayman Muhammad Abdul-Hamid Al-Sawy

196- Mustafa Alawi Mustafa Al-Sokkari

197- Enas Abu Al-Fath Muhammad Mahrous

198- Ali Abbas Muhammad Barakat

199- Taha Muhammad Ali Portfolio

200- Hazem Mahmoud Ali Zanati

201- Maha Muhammad Fahim Al-Rifai

202. Medhat Kamal Khater El-Sherbiny

203- Mona Muhammad Khader Mustafa

204- Jamal Mohammed Ali Zayed

205- Hana Yahya Amen flower

206- Collected by Muhammad Muhammad Farhat

207- Howayda Abdulhakim Muhammad Omar

208- Muhammad Saad Abdel-Wahhab Al-Bahar

209- Conquests of Abd al-Wahhab Abd al-Wahhab al-Bahr

210- Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Hammad

211- Basma Abd al-Hamid Abd al-Khaliq al-Zamili

212- Yahya Muhammad Tahseen Kamel Al-Ashqar

Iman Muhammad Hassan Abu al-Joud

214- Mahmoud Fahmy Mahmoud Hegazy

215- Fatima Masoud Mahmoud Ibrahim

216- Ibrahim Kamal Muhammad Al-Bishtawi

217- Mervat Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Maarouf

218- Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Fattah Al-Baalawi

219- Rida Tawfiq Mahmoud Nassar

220- Ahmad Jamal Othman Salih Abayeh

Ibrar Hisham Zaki Mutawa 221.

222. Hassan Salem Hassan Al-Sayed Diab

Hana Hassan Saad Muhammad Al-Tabal 223.

224- Tariq Alawi Al-Desouki Shoman

225- Asmaa Ahmad Mansour Hilal

226- Osama Fawzi Ali Al-Temsah

Rajaa Ashour Suleiman Ghanem

228- Fadil

229- Amina Abdel-Rahman Al-Saeed Al-Sayed

230- Mohsen Khalaf Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad

231- Mahmoud Muhammad Muhammad Al-Fadali

232- Musaad Ibrahim Musaad Abu Samra

233- Mr. Ibrahim Al-Afifi

234- Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Al-Sibai

235- Fatima Al-Sayed Al-Sawy Mustafa Kishk

236. Mr. Muhammad Bakhit Abdel-Gawad

237- Morning Glory

238- Jalal Abdul Sami Abdul Salam Jibril

239- Jihan Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Roudi

240- Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Al-Bayli

241- Amal Muhammad Asaad Taha Zahran

242. He was replaced by Muhammad Muhammad Abu Talib al-Hout

243- Mustafa Bakr Muhammad Al-Hout

244- Fatima Yusri Muhammad Awad Ramadah

245- Islam Muhammad Mahmoud Abdul-Rahman Al-Manakhli

246- Essam Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Karim Ahmed Abu Al-Dawahi

247- PEPTICIN – 10mg / 5ml MG

248- PEPTIME – 30mg MG

249- Sumaya Sayed Abdel Nabi Ayyad

250- MR

251- Hani Youssef Jaber Ibrahim Mohammed

252- Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Abu Zaid

253- Yasser Mamdouh Muhammad Suleiman

254- M. Azab Youssef Mostafa Morsi

255- Abdullah Hamid Zaki Abdul-Mutaal

256- Alaeddin Syed Ramadan Morsi

257- Taher Al-Jali Taher Abdul-Maqsoud Abdullah

258- FAMCID – 10mg / 5ml MG

259- Tariq Muhammad Musa Ali

260- Yasser Al-Sayed Metwally Taher

261- Khaled Ghoneim Al-Sayed Salem Aydia

262- Yusef Muhammad Yusef Muhammad Al-Ateeq

263- Sami Ali Saeed Ali Abdul-Bari

264- Hussein Sami Hamdi Al-Sayed Al-Ateeq

265- Abdel Basset Al-Sayed Hussein Bilal

266. Raafat Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Mowafi

267- Ibrahim Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Azim Sayed Ahmed

268- Abdel Maqsoud Metwally Abdel Maqsoud Al-Sayed

269- Kamel Al-Sayed Abdel-Gawad Ali Musa

270- Hamid Mahmoud Mustafa Abu Zeid

271- Emad Hassan Hussein Hassan Shanab

272- Khaled Mahmoud Ahmed Sadiq

273- Mamdouh Fouad Ali Syed Ahmad Al-Waw

274- Mohamed Mahmoud Ali Abdel Qader

275- Nancy Muhammad Saif Al-Yazal Khalifa

276- Mustafa Mansour Abdel-Rahman Abu Auf

277- Muhammad Mansour Abdel-Rahman Abu Auf

278- Heba Abdel Fattah Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman Azzam

279- Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Ahmad Fawzi al-Qadi

280- Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Fawzi Al-Qadi

281- Assem Muhammad Ahmad Fawzi Al-Qadi

282- Maryam Muhammad Ahmad Fawzi Al-Qadi

283- Jehan Ahmed Fawzi Abdel Fattah Al-Qadi

284- Ayman Rizk Fathi Muhammad Majar

285- Abdelaziz Ibrahim Abdo Badr Saeed

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